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Baguio ka ba? You're so cold e.
Wednesday, May 9, 2012 ( 9:07 PM )| 2 comment(s) dropped

Forget the Title. Haha. Last tuesday, we went to Baguio for our Youth Team Building. It was my first time there and I can say that it is really a beautiful place. And it's so cold! Perfect for summer. Haha. We went to Bell Church, Strawberry farm, Minesview and Burnham Park. At last, I've tried the Superman Zipline at Tree Top Adventure. It was really fun and scary! Haha. Imagine being 150 ft off the ground? Well yeah. But the view was great so it was all worth it. <33 We also went boating at the Burnham Park. Yes, it was my first time too. HAHA. Imagine being 4 ft above water? LOL. Okay. Enough with that. I was the one paddling the boat and I felt like I'm one of the members of the Dragon Boat Team. Hahahaha. I also tried the strawberry taho, yes, for the first time. HAHA. And I bought two beanie hats for only 120 pesos! OMG. Twice the price when you buy on malls! First time to have those, btw. I AM GIRL FIRST TIME DUDE! :)) Anyway, it was really fun!
And also, last Sunday was our "AniMeltdown" Event. I cosplayed YUI HIRASAWA from K-ON! As you can see, the hair is an epic failure. Haha. She was supposed to be short-haired but I did the long haired version because I do not want to cut my hair short. Sorry! XD Anyway, we sang "Price Tag" on stage. It was my first time singing on stage so I was really nervous and it happened on SM Tarlac. See, it's my first time and it happened on a freaking Huge MALL. Good thing I did not fall, or trip or did something that'll make me embarrassed for the rest of my life. My friends say it was okay and gave me compliments but i really think it wasn't enough. Haha. Anyway, it's a first step so, I'll let it slip for just this time. Next to my cosplan is BEEDRILL from Pokemon. I'll do the human version. Isn't it funny? BEEdrill. Haha. Okay, I sounded a bit crazy there. But yeah, the costume is really cool.. and it's a BEE so I wanted to cosplay it. I will post the picture soon! That's all for now. :)

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2013 Reading Challenge
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