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Join HoshiGirl's giveaway!
Wednesday, April 25, 2012 ( 4:02 AM )| 3 comment(s) dropped

Okay, Ate Gel's birthday is coming up and she hosted a giveaway. Come on guys, let's join!

On the referral part, put "Bethany" on it. Thank you!

Here are the prizes.

First Prize (+$15!)

Hodge Podge Mustache Keychain
Hodge Podge Sailor Keychain
Earrings Set 4
Black camera earrings
Big Envelope Notebook 2
Brown Luggage Notepad Box
Travel Sticky Set 2
Purple Vintage Pamphlet Notes
White Elephant Necklace
Dark Violet Cracking Nail Polish
Bronze Eiffel Keychain

Second Prize (+$10!)

Hodge Podge Captain America Keychain
Hodge Podge Flower Pots Keychain
Monthly+Weekly Sticker (Black)
Pastel sticky strips
Assorted Earrings Set
Travel Notebook 3
Small Envelope Notebook 2
Mirror Notebook 1

Third Prize (+$5!)

Hodge Podge Hello Kitty Face Keychain
Hodge Podge Random Pattern Keychain
Small Domo brown
Ticket / Photo Book 1
iPhone Sticky Notes
Bronze Dangling Love Ring
Kimmidoll Earrings
Eiffel Tower Case 1
Red Tape Cable Organizer


2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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