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A Blessing! :D
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 ( 7:36 PM )| 7 comment(s) dropped

Last week was pretty stressing. Haha. But i guess, today.. I shall start thinking positive things again. :D Tomorrow will be my first cosplay ever. There's a bit problem though. Tomorrow is our periodical exam. I'm going to ask my teachers if I can take ALL of the test tomorrow morning so that I'll be ready after that. By the way, last Saturday, my dentist removed some of my gums (front teeth). I can't really explain it because you might think it's gross. Haha. All i saw was blood and..the removed gums. XD My two front teeth looks beautiful now. Jk. Haha. Waaaaa. I'm being vain again. @-)

Last sunday, my dad gave me this! Waaaaaaa. I'm so happy. I have a new babyyy. Yeah. Haha. As you know, I lost my C3 phone last Christmas. I guess he just loves me. Jk. But this netbook is for me and my sis. I guess I can update you guise much since our school is a WiFi zone. Haha. Free Internet y'all! Great right? I downloaded Icons, Shimejis, and some other stuff. I can't wait to buy laptop accessories. Haha. It's pretty great to have something handy like this since I'm a student. It's really helpful. :D

Waa. I'm not yet done reading Breaking Dawn. By the end of this week, I hope I can finish it. Till then~

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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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