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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 ( 3:48 AM )| 4 comment(s) dropped

It's been a stressing week for me. School stuff and some problems. I can handle it though, i know i can. Life is too short to be unhappy. I've learned something this week. Never ever spend too much. Gosh. I feel like I'm Becky of the book Confessions of A Shopaholic. Ugh. I'm broke. I mean, reaaaaaally broke. Jk. Not that much though. Haha. But still, I'll stay positive. Nothing can stop me from that. :) I went to the tailor the other day. I asked her to sew a "FeiLing" costume for me. I got it for P300 only. Ha! This is what I love about her. She's so easy to talk to and so friendly.. in addition to that, she gives it to me on a cheap price. Kewl, right? XD
I'll have my first ever cosplay on January 23 at SM Tarlac. It's Chinese New Year that's why our theme is about Chinese Anime Characters and so I chose FeiLing from Gate Keepers. And then.. I don't know what to say next. Haha. Well, school has been kind of boring these days. I don't know why. Oh yeah! I remember. I borrowed some books from my friend to start my 100 books in 2012 challenge in Goodreads. Oyay! Anyway, that is all for now.

PS: I can't put in my personal photos. DX
Our computer's USB port is not working. I wonder why? I think it's the motherboard or something. Sucks.

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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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