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Just another depressing day. lolWHAT.
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Okay, I'm still depressed about my thesis. I mean not finishing it. We still don't have results because we have to take the extract first. Hopefully, tomorrow, they'll accept our samples. I mean, i waited for years for this to finally come. My efforts will all be wasted if they'll reject the samples again. But anyway, I went to SM a while ago with my family. Nothing really special happened. We just had a meeting (our cosplay group). We will have an event this February because SM will have a 3-day event and we will, obviously, be a part of it. I'm planning to wear my FeiLing costume, which is, until now I haven't got a hold of since it's still on my tailor's hands. On the other side, can you pretty please, like my page? If it's okay? It's located below my "2012 book challenge" on the left side. Thank you!

Oh my gosh. I need inspiration. I've been reading plenty of novels lately. Because I need my brain to function. lol. What a good excuse. Naww~! Really, it makes me feel calm like I can face the world with head held high. Stop being pessimistic, Bee. You can do it. I really do think I can do it. Anyway, Prom is on March 2. Valentines ball is on 14(?). Not quite sure when but we will have a dance number. Yes, that's for sure.

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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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