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Cosplay World + The Hunger Games!
Monday, January 23, 2012 ( 3:56 AM )| 4 comment(s) dropped

Ohayo! Konnichiwa~~ Or whatever. Hello! *waves* Last thursday, the city held a parade and we're a part of it! This is my first cosplay ever! So... I'm really sorry for the epic failure version of Haruhi Suzumiya from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Gahh. I want to be a better cosplayer though. The parade was really fun! I mean, there were lots of cameras and people waving while we're on the float. Yeahh, and I felt really special. I was constantly waving and smiling and stuff... it's pretty embarrassing when I think of it. Really. Haha. WHAT AM I SAYING. *embarrassed*

There were no pictures during the actual parade since we were busy entertaining people. No one even dared to click the shutter...well except for the audience of course. We were into a little photoshoot though. Which is funny because we are also the photographers. I mean, I'll take their pictures, and they'll take mine. And so on and so fort. I was kind of pissed to the P.R.O of our group, actually. She's kind of rude. She said some stuffs that made us really, i mean REALLY annoyed and pissed at the same time. Gahh. Why is she like that anyway?! Well, we let it slip for the mean time. Today, January 23, was supposed to be the Chinese Themed Cosplay. But it was cancelled because they held a charity event instead. My costume was already made so.. It's kind of disappointing. But it's okay, i can still use it next time though. Oh well.

Guise, let me tell you a story of how I fell in love once again. *squeals* So here's the story, I downloaded "The Hunger Games Trilogy" the other day and started reading it.. I couldn't stop reading it. I can't put down Minzy because the story is just surreal. I feel like crying. ;A; And then.. I fell in love with the boy with the bread--Peeta. I finished The Hunger Games in a day, btw. (From 5 pm to 2 am.) That just show how good the book is! XD Anyway, let's go back to Peeta my love.. So there I was, the next day.. screaming in front of my classmates saying how much I love Peeta and the book itself. And they're like "This girl is MAD!". They won't even listen to me. Haha. But one of my friend did, thanks for that. @-) And then, I showed them a picture of Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark) and they're like "He's not even handsome!" but I'm like "Shut up! I don't care if he's handsome or not, I LOVE HIM!" Haha. And we end up laughing. Yeah. I'm a crazy fangirl. I mean, yeah, even before this movie, I like Josh already. I have watched him in Zathura and The Bridge to Terabithia. And I would totally recommend you to read this book. I promise you, you won't even dare to sleep until you finish it! I'm currently reading the last book, btw. May the odds be ever in our favor! I can't wait for March 23rd. The movieee is coming sooooooooon! I hope it's March 23rd already tomorrow. Oh.. I can't sleep!

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