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Alice Caroll of Aria.
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Photo By: Honey Mabalot

SM Tarlac had a 3 day sale (17, 18, 19). Last Saturday (18), i cosplayed as a Statue. HAHA. Meaning, you can't move.. and yeah, act like a statue for 6 hours. My character was Feng Feiling of Gatekeepers. SM will be giving us Gift Certificates for that. And also, last Sunday (19), we had a Cosplay Parade in SM and also a Mini Photoshoot. lol. It was really fun. I just borrowed a costume from my former classmate and it is Alice Caroll of Aria (see photo above). I enjoyed it a lot and I'm planning to cosplay the girl version of Sasuke in the show Naruto. I can't update much right now since my laptop is on my mother's hand. She's in Baguio right now. Gahhh. And I'm still busy since I'm a graduating student! WAAA. Few more days and I'm done with High School. My brother wants to cosplay too! Haha. And i find it cool. Oh well. That's all for now. I'll update soon guise~

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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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